- Rules

These are the rules we expect you to follow when on FreeQuest.
Failure to do so may result in a network wide ban and, in certain cases, abuse reports to your ISP.

:: Do not abuse services, our servers or our users!
:: Do not flood or harass users or channels!
:: Do not spam/advertise!
:: Do not beg for IRCop!
:: Do not use insecure proxies, we will ban them when spotted!
:: Do not spread Trojans/Viruses
:: No floodnets, abusive bots or anything of the sort!
:: You are not allowed to make profit on FreeQuest!
   We don't get paid, why should you?
:: Use your common sense. If something seems bad, it probably is.

And, remember. We are NOT responsible for what people say or do on FreeQuest. Like the postal service, we just deliver the message. ;-)